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Patreon Intro

Okay! So! Time to make my Patreon look a little less pathetic!

I made an intro for my Patreon so that it says more than just a few sentences. I was going to do a comic but the longer it took to make the more bloated and dumb it felt. More importantly, I was concerned about how difficult it would be to add changes to it somewhere down the line. Like if I branch out into other types of content such as videos how would I squeeze that into the comic? Would I have to redraw certain panels?

So, as much as it pained me to throw away the work on the comic, I decided to take a simpler approach which is what you see here. As for the reason I'm posting it here, I need to embed the images from a url and there's no way I'm going back to Photobucket.

So anyway here it is. Figures crossed it works and doesn't suck.

Greetings. I am Cattype. I draw things. Mostly monster things from folklore. Everything from legendary monsters from distant past to modern day urban legends and cryptids.

My favorite folklore monsters to draw are yokai- monsters from Japanese folklore.

It’s long been my dream to illustrate books of folklore. Obviously I want to do a book on yokai but I’ve also wanted to do a book on weird obscure superstitions for a long time. Not just the usual black cats and broken mirrors, stuff like “hedgehogs steal apples by rolling their spikes on them” or “a woman can protect herself from the evil eye by wearing 7 petticoats” or “If you yawn without covering your mouth a ghost might count your teeth” Really bizarre stuff like that. Maybe with a sprinkling of famous curses like James Dean’s car and the Superman curse. I’d also like to do a book on ghost lore as well. Ghosts have always been close to my heart.

In the meantime, I have a Twitter and Tumblr for sharing yokai stuff called Jigoku Yeah and another Twitter called MonsteryBits for spooky things in general. The main reason I created Jigoku Yeah to help build up interest in yokai outside of Japan and find like minded people by sharing whatever yokai related things I find. I also use both accounts to share my monster art. JigokuYeah for Japanese folklore and MonsteryBits for non-Japanese folklore.

And of course I have online stores were you can buy my designs on shirts and stuff


What’s with the cat girl?

The cat girl is my persona. It’s how I represent myself online. It’s partially inspired by the fact that a lot of manga have bonus sections in the back in which the artist draws a short comic about the making of the manga or their personal experiences. Often they’ll draw themselves as an animal character or person with animal features. The most common animal these artists chose to draw themselves as where cats. I’ve always liked cats so it seemed perfect for me.

Sometimes I draw different variations of it depending on what twitter I’m on or what mood I’m in etc. If you talk to me on Twitter there’s a chance I might respond with one of these

Why do you like folklore so much?

The great thing about folk monsters as an artist is that there’s no one right or “canon” way to draw them. Descriptions of folk monsters always vary because they change a little every time their story gets told so I like to read a bunch of different descriptions of a monster and pick out the details that I like and sometimes think about what type of personality they might have. Then I start playing around with shapes and proportions. The final product might not have been something I originally created but it’s still entirely mine. It’s a wonderful feeling that I’d like more people to enjoy.

Another reason is how weird it can get and the joy of sharing that weirdness.

Do you also draw, like, puppies and kitties n stuff?


So that's it. If you want to see some of the original comic the Patreon post I made for it is now public

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