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I was born and raised in Southern California. My father works in TV animation. When I was a kid, he would often bring home unfinished episodes, storyboards, and character sheets for me to see. My interest in cartoons and creating characters stemmed from.  This exposure coupled with all the cartoons I've watched as a kid and continue to watch to this day.


I've had a fascination with monsters and the supernatural for as long as I can remember. Even when I outgrew my belief in the supernatural, I never lost my appreciation for it. I still enjoy reading about monsters and superstitions and I take a lot of my inspiration from them. I'm particularly fond of monsters from Japanese folklore.


I have taken community college classes  at Glendale Community College and Moorpark College, mostly focusing on art. I'm currently taking classes at the American Animation Institute in Burbank. I've taken gesture drawing classes from Mark  McDonnell and figure drawing, costumed and draped figure, and storyboard classes from Karl particularly. 


     I go by the name "Cattype" on various sites around the internet.

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