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Pokemon Trading Tutorial Illustrations for my Nephew

I made a tutorial on trading pokemon in Pokemon GO for my nephew. Here’s some of the illustrations from it. I’m not going to post the video because it’s really sloppy and has my dumb ass face being awkward af but I’m considering making a reedited version. Although that’ll have to wait until after I finish the yokai commission I’ve been working on for the past few months.

The commentary on these illustrations was previously posted on my Patreon exclusively for In The Know tier patrons.

I wanted to wanted to send the video before the end of the week so I cut corners where ever I could. Even when it meant skipping over details I'd usually be persnickety about. Like when I was drawing the blonde trainer in the above illustration I referenced actual clothing items available in Pokemon GO and I tried to get as close to the original outfit as I could while also simplifying it. The only detail I left out is the white stripe on the sleeve. The brown haired trainer is obviously a flipped recolor but it's actually even lazier than that. The blue jacket in the game is light grey on the front with a white trim and the sleeves have black cuffs on them. I briefly considered changing the hat but just left it as is. I did, however, move the camera on the phone to the proper place because leaving it just seemed wrong.

I almost drew Nurse Joy for this one but instead opted to just draw chansey. A choice I regretted as I struggled to get her head things right. At least I got to reuse her for the final illustration.

I know I could've saved time by not drawing the health bar myself but aesthetic.

My nephew saw the first season of the Pokemon anime on Netflix so hopefully he'll appreciate this reference.

Cutting corners by using official artwork. I would hope that's obvious. I like to think I have a unique art style.

I wasn't satisfied with my articuno's mouth and that's why it's closed in all the other illustrations. It actually looks better that way, I think. Like it's not just derpy, it's like it's just as disappointed with this outcome as the receiving trainer would be. Probably more considering....

I like my pidgey.

Using official artwork here again but if I ever get around to reediting the video I'm definitely drawing my own blastoise and ursaring because I can't help thinking these guys look off next to my artwork.

I'd probably still use these building sprites though. Although I'm not 100% sure that gym is an official sprite. I think I got it from here.

Hmm, maybe I would redraw the building sprites. I'm not that comfortable grabbing images from around the internet... with maybe the exception of official artwork but even then... Plus, I just like putting my mark on things.

This was an unfortunate thing to learn after I had already started making the video since the shinnies and legendaries are the mons I know my nephew would want most.

Some of these pokemon are from the other illustrations while the ones in front are from other bits of fan art I had been working on. Some of the bits clipped off at the bottom and sides are hiding unfinished bits.

Usually when arranging a collage like this I'm extremely careful about how I place them to avoid tangents- often repeatedly moving things a sliver back and forth over and over until I'm satisfied- but I didn't worry about that here. It felt nice not getting so caught up in small stuff like that but now I can't stop looking at the way Chansey's hat is joined to Articuno's wing.

If you want to see me make a trading tutorial video please tell me, I want to know if anyone’s interested. I’ve been wanting to dabble in videos for a while and could use some encouragement.

I even made a possible OC to narrate it. Here's an unfinished sketch.

The pokemon professors in every game are named after trees so I thought it'd be funny if I named mine after a weed. I was leaning more towards Chickweed but it sounds a little too close to chickpea. Now I'm thinking Knotweed. Dandelion was my first choice and that's why her hair's so fluffy.

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