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The first thing I made in Procreate

I got procreate for Christmas and the first thing I made in it was this this illustration of my internet persona with a rokurokubi and a bunch of ghosts inspired by an item in Line Play.

I originally wrote a long post about why I drew this and what Line Play is and my love/hate relationship with it but then a bunch of other stuff came up and I realized that the post was taking way longer than the drawing. I'm actually a bit disappointed to be abandoning the post because I was having fun experimenting with writing styles and drawing comics for it. Maybe I should just write a post about my gripes with Line Play sometime.

Well, the illustration probably works fine on it's own but I might as well include the dairy post that inspired it anyway.

It may or may not be self-explanatory but it's essentially my Line avatar going "Holy frick! There's a new yokai item to go with all my other yokai items that I can only get by having someone buy it for me! SOMEONE BUY THIS FOR ME!!" Alas, no one did.

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