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Sweet Water-Type Jack Rabbit (also some tumblr things)

A bit of Pokemon fan art based on a gift I got in Pokemon GO.

I've been saving screen caps of gifts I get in Pokemon GO from interesting places with the intent of doing fan art like this and posting it on tumblr. Specifically on my side tumblr Cattypethesequel first and then reblogging it on my main blog, Cattype.

Reason being that I created CattypetheSequel as a place where I can freely reblog other people's post without having to bury my own artwork on my main blog but I learned a long time ago that a tumblr needs a few good original posts now and then if it's going to gain more than 11 followers. And what would be the point of a blog made for sharing things if no one sees it?

But unfortunately, with Tumblr sending their censor bots on everyone and people starting to migrate off the site, there might not be that much of a point of posting anything there for much longer. If this turns out to be the only Pokemon GO gift fan art I make I'm a little bummed it wasn't one of my funnier or cuter ideas.

I was thinking about making a separate post about my thoughts on what's going on with Tumblr but I dunno... maybe my time's better spent on other things. But then again, I have a lot of thoughts on my history with tumblr and the nature of social media that I'd like to share. And also the fact that I made a couple of side tumblrs that planed to do more and even went so far as to make Twitter accounts for them but I dragged my feet too much and now I might lose the audience I was cultivating DAMMIT DAMMIT DAMMIT DAM-

Well, suffice it to say, I'm going to stick with Tumblr as long as I can but I'm also going to need to post more on this site as if it were my second tumblr. Because the only person I have to worry about mucking up this site with their poor management skills is me.

Oh, and here's the original Tumblr post for this pic:

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