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I Made a Blog!

I just couldn't make a post without drawing something to go with it

I thought my portfolio site here could use a little more activity so I added a blog. Now I can add cool drawings here as soon as I finish them instead of debating if they're "portfolio worthy" enough for my gallery or any other dumb reasons that have been holding me back.

Hm, may've gone slightly over board with the accompanying illustration for this post but it didn't feel right not to draw anything. It's just the way I roll.

And if you're wondering about the cat girl character, that's how I draw myself in cartoon form. It was partially inspired by the behind the scenes comics that are often in the back of manga volumes. A lot of manga artists tend to draw themselves as little animal characters I noticed. I usually refer to her as my persona. I've been thinking about changing her to look more mature but she's just so fun to draw this way.

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